Digital Voucher

Distribute and Track your voucher effortlessly

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Go paperless, create and send digital vouchers directly to targeted customers over multiple channels, including mobile phone and/or email with IRIS. More cost efficient and definitely a greener choice for you and your customers!


Better Experience
Never afraid to loose your vouchers in your wallet and redeem with few clicks!


Lower Cost
No more printing, no more stamping. More cost effective! 


Highly Customisable

Vouchers valid during certain time period at certain stores? No problem!


Measurable & Trackable

Track your voucher from distribution to usage, never loose its footprint!

System Specs

Easy to  Create Voucher

No more printing! Making and distributing your vouchers are just few simple clicks away with our system.


Maximize your cost and time efficiency with us!


Customizable  Voucher

Set the price, how this voucher can be redeemed and used.

It's all up to you! Our system will cater your basic Terms & Conditions.

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User Friendly 

Using the voucher should be just as easy as making it, so we make sure it is user friendly and of course safe!

No more loosing or worse, forgetting the voucher in wallet until it expired.

Graph Report

Built-in graph report in the dashboard. Get all the data you need. Track your voucher's journey from the beginning to the end.

How It Works?

As Simple As 1..2..3..


​1. Distribute Voucher
​     Easily distribute voucher through email
​     or mobile app* to your customers


​2. Redeem Voucher 
     Exchange it with points, not ready to use?
​     Keep it! It won’t get lost in the wallet


3. Use Voucher 
     Scan QR to use Voucher at designated         tenants/merchants (read: your outlet)