Loyalty System

Obtain, Engage and Retain


Our integrated 360° (ELYS ) platform takes into account your entire consumer lifecycle, and is designed to prioritize different needs at different stages. Choose between Standard Module and Advance Module as your basic plan. You can also add other complementary features from our Additional Modules on top of your basic plan.

  • Manage your shopping program

  • Gift inventory management

  • Point customization

  • Full administrative control

  • Track customer spending 

  • Free 1x Lucky Draw

  • Targeted marketing blast filter

  • Integrated white label mobile app (standard layout)

  • All of our Standard features

  • Create membership tiering

  • Manage membership tiering’s gamification

  • Advanced shopping program

  • Get advance graph report view

  • Free 2x Lucky Draw

  • Targeted marketing blast filter with tiering

  • Integrated white label mobile app (advanced layout)

System Specs
Have Your Own Mobile App  

No worries, have your mobile app designed according to your branding, we will help you to execute them effortlessly in the latest mobile app layout for better UI/UX!

Collect and Redeem

Set your own point's price and even further, make multiple pricing for it!


Our system will cater your Terms & Conditions in few clicks.


Collect and Redeem

What's the point of having points if we don't use them?

Give your customers rewards through your redeem-catalogue!

Tiering and

Reward Type

Engage better with your customers with our tiering gamification system and multiple reward types!

Graph Report

Analyze your customers' behavior, who are they and what they like. Send relatable message to them and personalize their engagement with you! It is possible and quicker now with our Graph Report Dashboard!

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